Busy, busy.

Nana has been visiting us this week! She is on vacation, and decided to spend a few days with us. So we have been busy! Shopping, haircuts, movies, Kung Fu, shopping....and lots of catching up and girl talk!

We are also trying to get Kerri ready for the end of the school year. She might miss the last week of school if we go on a trip, so we are prepping just in case. That means homework assignments are due earlier. And Kerri skipped two reading levels this past week. I am so thrilled! She is also getting ready to perform in her school play next week. We went shopping for her costume yesterday, what fun!

Hubby has been putting in long hours, so we end up driving downtown a lot to pick him up late at night.

And I have already created three different packing lists, in case we do go on that trip. But more about that another time.

Life with Kerri is busy, and that's OK.