Birthday Boy Part 2

Today was another birthday for a boy in the family.

In 2000 we found out that our family was not yet complete after all.

And in 2002 he got a baby brother who has been his side kick every since.

This year I was so, ah, "busy", taking care of that little boy, his side kick baby brother, his grandmother and preparing for his big sister's wedding that the best I could do with his cake decorations was some Bob the Builder flotsam from Walmart.

Everyone wants these two munchkins back.

But they just continue to grow and change. There's no slowing them down.

This was the year they got to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine!

He still has the same great smile!

Our little boys becoming big boys.

And now he's eleven! He celebrated with lemon meringue pie that he helped make.

Happy Birthday, Sammy!