Back to normal.

The last few days have been a blur! We had a wonderful time at the Marriott Residence Inn in downtown Toronto, and will definitely be going back there next year. The room was comfy, the staff was very friendly, and we made a new special friend while we were there.

Our cleaning lady is Chinese, and her name is Lihue. She took to Kerri right away, and calls her "my lucky girl". And before we checked out today, she came to say goodbye and brought us gifts: a Chinese good luck charm for our car, and a pretty kitty ornament for Kerri. And she asked us to stay on the 9th floor next year too, so she can see us again.

Pookie had quite the adventure too. I was zipping my suitcase closed, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Pookie rubbing his face on the suitcase. So I scolded him. And then I realized his beard (whiskers?) was caught in the zipper. I somehow managed on zipping them without realizing it. Before I could unzip, Pookie tugged hard and came loose, but leaving behind a handful of whiskers in the zipper. As awful as this is, I could not help but laugh at him. I am a bad Mommy!

We arrived home safe and somewhat sound, and just in time for a major thunderstorm. We lost power a few times, and had fun lighting candles and listening to the emergency weather radio. And I have yet to unpack. I think I will leave that for tomorrow.

We had a fun time in the city! And even hubby got to relax a little, even though he worked up to the last minute before we checked out of the hotel.

Life with Kerri resumes it's normal broadcast...tomorrow!