Are we there yet?

Yesterday we loaded the Mama mobile with luggage galore and a whining pooch. And before we even left the parking lot, Kerri started asking: "Are we there yet?". I am pretty sure she asked that same question 1,438 times in the five hours it took us to get to Toronto.

I packed lots of snacks for the car trip. And most of them landed on the floor. We also made lots of stops for more snacks. Because a certain little one eats nonstop on car trips.

I also packed lots of activities for the princess. And she even brought her own tote bag full of goodies for the car. But that did not stop her from getting bored, oh, about fifteen minutes into the car trip.

Then she made some drawings, and handed me a picture of a prince and a princess in Egypt - pyramid and all. And when I asked her what the picture was, she said: "First they settled down after they got married, then they do sex and get a baby." My jaw dropped open. Hubby- who was driving - almost got whiplash. His head spun back in shock and awe.

So I asked Kerri if she knew what "sex" was, and she said it was something married people do to have a baby. After a couple more questions, we breathed a sigh of relief. She really has no idea what "sex" entails. But when I told her not to use that word, she said, "Oh you mean the S word." And then went on to say "sex, sex, sex, sex..." over and over again. Hubby told me to ignore her. I tried, really I did.

We finally arrived at our hotel late in the evening. Kerri made friends with the captain, the valet, and anyone else who paid her any attention. We had all our belongings delivered to our room, including a shaking Pookie. And then we set out to eat dinner at the nearby Gretzky restaurant. By then it was past Kerri's bedtime, and she was getting tired and whiny. So we hurried back to the hotel.

The room is really comfy. It has a complete kitchen in it! And even though the beds and pillows are just heavenly comfortable, Kerri could not sleep well. In the middle of the night, she woke us up and crawled into our bed for a few hours.

This morning Daddy and Kerri brought breakfast to the room, and then I headed out to the corner store to buy some fruits and milk. And I managed to break a bottle of sauce while I was shopping. So I bought more stuff so the grocer would forgive me.

Daddy is off to work until the wee hours of the morning. Kerri and I have already colored, finished a puzzle, and created masterpieces with Play Dough. The weather today is not so nice, so we are not heading out. But we may go for a swim at the indoor pool later on. And shaky Pookie is still trying to figure out who the dog in the mirror is. And wouldn't you know it? Every time we come here there is a party going on. Last year, it was the FIFA World Cup. This week, it is Gay Pride week!

Life with Kerri is definitely an "s" word: Special!