Weekend in review.

Yesterday our dear friend Carol came over to spend the day with us. She surprised me with a beautiful painting she made of a Florida beach coast to hang in our guest room. She told me she made it with my father in mind, so he would not get homesick and could look at the warm beach scene on the cold Canadian nights. And for Kerri, she brought porcelain eggs to paint and decorate. Kerri and Carol spent the next hour or so painting and hanging eggs to dry. We had a lovely afternoon.

In the evening we ate dinner, and after taking Carol home and putting Kerri to bed, my husband and I had a movie "date" on our living room couch. We watched "The King's Speech". I highly recommend the movie!

Today we are awaiting Nana's visit for dinner, and taking it easy. I baked some chocolate chip cookies and did some laundry. And Kerri created a car out of a big box we had in the basement. I love that she has such a creative imagination and can entertain herself with recycled boxes. She can transform a cardboard tube from paper towels into a sword or a flute; she made a complete set of armor out of paper and tape. And with paper and colored pencils, Kerri creates works of art - which are hanging all over the wall above my desk.

Tomorrow the week starts anew, and our busy schedules are back on track. But for today, we are taking the time to be quiet, at peace, and enjoying each other's company...and the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Have a great weekend everyone!