The Slippery Slope of Perfectionism

Many hours of work and thought culminated in a special wedding cake for a couple that loves being in the outdoors.  The wedding was small so the cake only had to serve thirty people. That was a limited canvas for me to work with.

The bride and groom skiers were carefully dressed according to the photographs sent to me by the bride.
They were outfitted with their skis and poles.

A lot of thought, discussion and debate was conducted before deciding what the names of the ski runs would be.
In the end, they were ready to head down the Wedded Bliss Trail. A sign cautioned them to watch for Unmarked Obstacles.

Of course I haven't heard from any of the wedding party how the cake was received, and because I am a self-flagellating spastic fool, I'll continue to second guess myself and lose sleep over this cake. I always do this with the ones that I spend the most blood, sweat and tears on. (Like...I already wish I had moved the Wedded Bliss Trail sign farther down the slope so that it could be seen better. Did any of the trees or skis or signs fall over after I left the room? Too many signs? Should I have went with True Love Trail instead?  Etc. etc. etc. And by the way, I did remake the heads of the figures because the first ones did not satisfy me.)

Sigh. I'll let it go when I start stressing over the next one.
(Just letting you know what it's like to carry the responsibility of being a wedding vendor and taking one shot to make this element of a bridal couple's day just what they wanted and paid for.)