Spring Observances

The warmest, sunniest, springiest day of the year so far!

So the classroom is outside.

Slightly distracting was this pair doing their interior decorating right in front of us.  The guy bird kept dropping the (chicken?) feathers he was finding before he could get them into the house.
Then a barn swallow would swoop down and grab the lost feather and take it away. It happened four or five times. You'd think Mr. Sparrow would have learned after the second or third time.  Maybe he really wasn't into the feathered nest look.

When things finally start growing around here, they don't waste any time catching up. Before I know it those peonies will be bursting forth.

Last fall the one thing I did in my gardens was to plant about sixty of these fancy tulips. I put them in clusters all around my deck. I knew that come May they would be lifting my spirits while I sipped coffee in my favorite warm weather chair.
But these seven buds are the only ones that escaped the jaws of a vicious, low-down, no-good underground varmint.  The despicable creature also ate my oriental lilies.

From now I on plant my bulbs in wire boxes.