Kerri's new crush.

First there was our next door neighbor Daniel. Kerri decided she was going to marry him at the age of two, and his family approved. Then Daniel moved away and broke her heart. So she moved on.

Then there was a boy in Junior Kindergarten. She told him and the entire class she was going to marry him. She was the only girl invited to his birthday party. Actually, she was the only guest at his birthday party. But alas, Kerri lost interest over the summer.

In Senior Kindergarten, she had a crush on another classmate, but nothing came of that either.

And then there was the summer of 2010. Her first real boyfriend was our neighbor boy Lucas, and the summer fling lasted until they started first grade together. Kerri quickly realized that her tinted Transition lenses had also tinted her view of this boy. But they remain close friends to this day, and Kerri still tries to sneak a kiss.

Next came a crush on a first grade classmate named Ethan. But all the girls have a crush on this particular cutie, and Kerri decided it was not worth competing for.

And that brings us to to the current month. Kerri brought home a post-a-note with a phone number on it. I asked her what it was, and she replied, "Oh that is Adam's phone number, he gave it to me." When I asked her why, she said: "I don't know.", and shrugged her shoulders. And all of a sudden she keeps mentioning him in conversations. "Adam writes with a pen because he never makes mistakes, he is always perfect.", and "Adam said this..." or "Adam did that...", and "Adam" is constantly on her mind lately.

This morning Lucas' mom and I were comparing our children's "dating" notes. She mentioned that Lucas' love interest kissed another boy on the lips in the school play yard during recess. Oh dear. Kerri is always trying to kiss Lucas on the lips...and now I know where she learned it from!

I mentioned Kerri's new crush named Adam. And then she told me that Adam was tall, and very intelligent. He was reading chapter books at the beginning of the year, way before anyone else in the class. And apparently Adam likes Kerri, alot - enough to give her his phone number. And Kerri is starting to notice Adam and is liking him too. Oy Vey!

There is still two more months left in the school year. And then comes blessed summer, and hopefully no more talk of Adam. Because I am really not ready for all this boy craziness.

Life with Kerri is a soap opera.