Kerri's first science test.

Yesterday Kerri brought home the results from her first science test. As we walked home from the bus stop, and before I had a chance to look at it, a very worried Kerri said: "I only got a 3-. An A or A- would be better, right?", and added: "Because I did not get an A." Our neighbor whispered in my ear that a 3- is a C-.

Unsure of how Kerri scored, I replied: "An A or A- would be excellent Kerri, but as long as you did your very best, I am not concerned that you did not get an A. I am very proud of you for studying so hard and doing your best." And then I silently prayed that she at least had a passing score. We had been studying for this test for weeks.

Once we got home, Kerri looked upset as I pulled her test out of her backpack. And then I saw the score: she got a B+! I told Kerri she did great, and that I was very pleased with her test results. And all the worry and concern just melted off Kerri's face, and she smiled. Finally.

I was very impressed with her test. It was not multiple choice. Kerri had to answer questions and write complete sentences. Some answers took more than one sentence. Kerri could not even read or write 5 months ago! So that B+ was an A++++ in my eyes.

I hope one day Kerri will not worry so much about disappointing me. I am so very proud of her. She has accomplished so much, and keeps amazing me with her positive attitude and perseverance. At 6, she already has tackled several medical challenges, developmental issues, losses, and even bullying. And no matter how great the challenge, greater is Kerri's strength and will. I know she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Life with Kerri is a perfect 10.