Busy weekend.

Friday I picked Kerri up at the school bus stop and she was losing her voice. Her cold seems to be getting worse, so we decided to take her to the doctor on Saturday morning. We cancelled her Kung Fu class for the rest of the week, and settled in for what we thought would be a quiet afternoon at home.

Then there was a knock on the door. And her ex boyfriend came over to play. For two and a half hours, there was ruckus and laughter, playing and music making, followed by a break for a snack. And after cookies and milk, the two youngsters decided to take bananas and make kabobs. I will post pictures tomorrow!

For dinner, we headed out to an Italian restaurant that was noisy and crowded, but had good food. Kerri loves their child friendly menus and fancy straws. By the time we got home, it was late and Kerri was not feeling any better, so she slept with me - so I could keep an eye on her breathing (inhaler at the ready).

This morning we all went to the doctor: Kerri for her asthma, which has gotten worse this week; Daddy for a follow-up; and Mommy because my ear is ringing and I am getting dizzy.

After dropping off prescriptions, we rushed to the toy store to buy a birthday gift, picked up some fast food for a quick lunch, and then headed to a birthday party at one of those fun gym places. Kerri had a blast, and you would think the party craziness would tire her out, but alas, no.

So off we went to the movie rental place, and then Mommy shopped for a cell phone. And decided to sleep on it. Then we went to our favorite Thai restaurant for a delicious dinner. Kerri loved the Satay, which she called "chicken kabobs". She will now eat anything on a stick - so tomorrow I am skewering some vegetables for the barbecue.

And now we are trying to tuck Kerri into bed, but she is refusing to go to sleep. I am off to try to convince a little one to sleep in her bed tonight. And tomorrow I will post those banana kabob pictures!

Life with Kerri is fun!