America's Favorite Pastime- Sitting in a Puddle

This is Little League baseball in Oregon.

See the puddles at the batter's feet? One of them is home plate. The others are the divots where the batters dig in. But the water was deep enough that the batters started working on a new set of foot holds. The catcher and umpire also have their own bogs to stand in.

Standard equipment for the spectators include blankets (always!), bumbershoots, hats, gloves, warm coats and sheets of plastic. Remember we're talking about baseball in May, not football in November (which requires exactly the same equipment.)

They don't call off baseball here on account of rain, because if they did we would only have two games a season.

The real irony is that during the game, Mr. Dirtywrench was mowing lawn at church, ten miles away as the crow flies, but with a mountain between here and there, and it was sunny and dry at his location!

The boys and I were frozen to the bone when we got home. I put on dry clothes, made a cup of hot tea and wrapped myself in a blanket while the boys headed out to the sauna to reheat their bodies.

Three more weeks to go.