A Pookie picnic and other silliness.

This is what happens every time I try to take a Mommy-Daughter picture. I have about ten more of these kind of shots with all kinds of funny faces on them.

And after our impromptu portrait session, Kerri decided to throw Pookie a picnic:

And if that was not enough silliness, Kerri advised she had a full tummy and so therefore she must be having a baby. And that she did not want a husband but might consider marrying a girl, since girls rule and boys have cooties.

Last but not least, we endured ten minutes of Kerri squealing "try to pinch my butt!" while she laughed hysterically. Oy.

At the end of the day, Kerri tried everything to make the fun last just a bit longer at bedtime. We gave in and offered her warm milk and a cookie, and tucked her in a few extra times before putting our collective feet down. Not that it worked, mind you...because it is hard to be serious when you are trying to hide the smiles and giggles.

Life with Kerri includes a lot of clowning around.