When Harry met Kerri.

Cousin David came to visit today, bearing gifts.
And although Kerri was not feeling well, she did her best to hide it so she could enjoy David's visit. And David had a big box, a surprise for Kerri!

You would never know it by her expression, but she really is thrilled with her new Harry Potter poster-board.

And after playing Hangman and Tic Tac Toe with David, they used the box the poster came in to create a clubhouse. Because the box is always the best part.

And Pookie did his best to sneak in some quality time too.

Harry is now in Kerri's room, where they can share secret spells and enchantments all night long.

Thank you cousin David for brightening Kerri's day, you made her feel a whole lot better - and not just because of Harry!

Life with Kerri is pretty dramatic.