Tonight my youngest daughter said, Mom. You are slacking off on your blog. When she complains then things must be really slack.

I apologize but I just don't seem to have anything to say lately. (Mom. You always have something to say.) I don't know. I just have the Blahs. I'm waiting for spring to come for real. For the sun to shine on my skin and warm up my cold core. I want to drag out the wicker furniture and have school on the deck. To eat my breakfast in the breeze and watch the birds build their nests. Soon? Please?

In the meantime I'm meeting bride after bride. Baking sample cake upon sample cake. Taking notes on wedding cake designs but not translating any of them into actual contracts. I need someone to do all this paperwork for me. I don't much like paperwork.  Almost every single weekend this summer is booked with a wedding. That is good news and bad news. Good news because business is doing well, bad news because it means I won't have much of a tan by the end of the summer. I'm going to be baking in the kitchen instead of on the beach. I'm beginning to understand why the wedding photographers and caterers go to tropical places in February and March. I want to look for summer there too.

This is my kitchen at least four nights a week. And by nights I mean ten o'clock at night. Other bakeries make their products at four in the morning, but here it's late at night.

Next week we will be taking our spring break. We always take our spring break during Holy Week, between Palm Sunday and Easter, well after everyone else has taken theirs. I'm hoping to scratch out some time during the break to evict the spiders from my pottery studio and warm up the wheel. We'll see if I still remember how to throw pots. Maybe then I'll have something to blog about.

Is it spring where you are?