Montreal pictures!

This morning we met our friend Ike for breakfast, and then checked out of the hotel. We took a scenic drive up a mountain to St. Joseph's cathedral, to see Saint Andre (he was just made a Saint this year). Then we drove around Montreal to one of the most famous bagel places - and sent Ike to the airport with a dozen, hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven famous Montreal bagels. And we brought a dozen home for us too!

Here are some pictures of yesterday's adventures:

Ike, Kerri and Mama in front of a church in downtown Montreal.

Kerri's first subway ride, and she fell in love with the pole.

Kerri and Daddy at the Montreal Olympic Stadium.

And of course Kerri is in first place on the podium!

Daddy and Kerri at the Botanical Gardens.

And here they are again, posing for Mama.

Beautiful Bonsai trees!

Kerri checking out the Chinese wall hangings.

And the culmination of the excursion ended with these beautiful butterflies, flying loose all around us.

Made me wish for a better camera!

Butterflies at a feeding station.

So we are back home safe and sound, and Pookie and Daddy are taking a nap. Kerri is drawing, and I am getting ready to cook dinner, while we await Nana's visit. And our mini-vacation was an absolute success!

Life with Kerri is sweet.