Meeting in Montreal

Today we had quite the adventure. We all piled into the Mama Mobile and headed to Montreal, Quebec to meet up with an old friend. We were really surprised when we found out the Holiday Inn we were staying at was a four star hotel. And even more surprised when we got upgraded to the executive level. It reminded us of our stay at the White Swan in China...because the beds are hard as rock! But the room was comfy, Pookie was well cared for, and Kerri had plenty of room to run around in, and a great gift shop to buy a new doll in.

After we were settled, we headed out on foot to find a place to have lunch. We found a typical Quebec restaurant that served smoked meat sandwiches and poutine - a very Quebec dish. We introduced our friend to the Quebec side, and he really liked it! Then we walked some more, and Kerri accidentally dropped her favorite teddy bear in the street. It was run over by a car. Once Teddy was rescued, we were back on our little adventure.

We rode the subway for the first time ever, and Kerri loved hanging on to the pole. As a matter of fact, she was swinging around the pole. I told her she would have to wait several years before she could perfect her pole dance, and that got quite a few chuckles from the local commuters.

We visited the Montreal Olympic Stadium, and then the beautiful Botanical Gardens. And the culmination of our little walk through exotic plants landed us in butterfly heaven. They were everywhere, and we took several pictures (I will post them this weekend!).

We returned to the hotel for a nap and quick shower, and then all met up for dinner. Kerri was beyond tired, but still insisting she wanted to go swimming in the salt water pool. We picked up some hot chocolate in the executive lounge, and before she could wait for it to cool off, she passed out from sheer exhaustion.

And so ends our first day in Montreal! Hubby is French channel surfing, Pookie is chowing down, and I am trying to figure out how to make a hard bed comfy. Tomorrow we are meeting our friend for breakfast, then heading over to the Notre Dame cathedral (time permitting) before we drop our friend off at the airport. And then we are headed back home, because we have company coming over. It's amazing how fast time goes by when you are having fun!

Life with Kerri is quite the adventure.