The ex comes to visit.

Yesterday Kerri invited her ex-boyfriend to come over and play. They jumped on the trampoline, played pirates and "Ants in the Pants", and had a balloon fight. After an hour, they asked for more time, and his Mom and I agreed to one more hour.

They spent 30 minutes arguing about playing the Wii, and 15 more minutes arguing about which game to play. They agreed only after Kerri convinced the ex to promise to play with her at school recess for the next two weeks.

After fifteen minutes of playing, the boyfriend's Mom came over to pick him up. Kerri and her ex begged and pleaded for more time together, to no avail.

And before the ex left, Kerri tried to kiss him several times.

Kerri's Grandpa asked if I was punishing him. Then he commented that with her character, no guy would want to date Kerri.

Which is fine by Kerri, since she has now decided she does not want or need a husband or kids.

I can't keep up.

Life with Kerri is constantly changing.