Journal entry.

Kerri has a language journal at school. Her teacher sent it home this past weekend so we could look it over. The post from March 21, 2011 caught my eye. I will translate it since Kerri's spelling is not that great yet (but not bad for someone who just learned how to read and write four months ago!):

"Dear Journal,
On the March break I saw my Grandpa. He take out his teeth and guess what he bite my finger in the car. It was really gross. I help play with my dog Pookie. He (Grandpa) talks Spanish to my Mom. He plays his Jewelry (Bejeweled) game alot and guess what me and my Mom got Jelly beans with 22 flavors."

Kerri's teacher noted: "Your Grandpa sounds like an interesting man!"

Hee hee.

Life with Kerri keeps me giggling.