Conversations with Kerri.

Today Kerri had to bring Timbits (donut holes) to class for a dance party. So we stood in line at the Tim Hortons (which is right across the street from the police station). Ahead of us were a male and female police officer, waiting for their coffee. Kerri noticed them, and really loudly said:

"Is that a GUN?!"

And in a split second, both officers whipped around, hands on their weapons.

I gulped.

"Yes, Kerri, the police officers have guns."

Both officers relaxed their grips on their weapons, and you could almost see the tension just evaporate. They watched as Kerri continued to ask questions.

"Why do they need guns?", Kerri asked.

"To protect themselves from very bad guys.", I replied.

"You mean, they are like Batman?", Kerri asked.

At this point, the officers smiled, turned around and went back to their private conversation.

And I told Kerri police officers were just like Batman. Thank goodness I was next in line, that stopped Kerri from asking any more questions.

Life with Kerri keeps me on my toes.