Weekend updates.

Tonight Kerri lost another tooth. She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy asking where do all the teeth go? Right now she is standing at the window looking for the Tooth Fairy, and I hear her yelling: "Tooth Fairy, this is our house! Daddy, I saw the Tooth Fairy!" And she is expecting a million dollars for her tooth. Someday, she will look back and read this and laugh.

It's still winter here. The groundhog got it all wrong. We got snow last night, and are expecting freezing rain tomorrow. I love the winter, but am so ready for Spring!

And we are ready for a visit soon from Grandpa Oscar from Florida. He will be coming in March, and we are looking forward to spending a lot of quality time with him. Especially since he hates the cold and probably won't want to go anywhere in this weather.

Pookie is due to be groomed. We let his fur grow long for the winter, but the Poodle part of his coat gets really matted. His Schnauzer face is adorable though, with the long whiskers and eyelashes - except we can't see his eyes now because they are so long. It's a good thing he is cute, because he has been quite mischievous lately. By the time Grandpa comes to visit, he will be shaved short again.

Kerri is still growing. She is now wearing size 7 tops, but can still wear the size 6 bottoms. She is outgrowing her size 13 shoes, so I think we are moving into the big girl single digit sizes now. And she wants an I-POD now. I don't know if she knows what it is, but she said it's what Daddy wears around his neck every day he goes to work (she got that right). I think it is time to buy her a CD player and some music. And although she has never heard his music, she says she does not like Justin Bieber. I think she learned that at school.

Kerri is coming along in French too. I am picking things up from her homework, which Daddy has to help with on the weekends. Both Kerri and I have a hard time pronouncing sounds, and we really sound like Americans when we try to talk in French. No offense intended, but it is so very different! And I am fluent in Spanish, and still cannot speak properly in French. Oy.

We have not seen Nana in over a month, she is really busy. But she is coming over in a week to spend her birthday with us. So I am sure we will have plenty of pictures a week from now to post here.

In the meantime, I had a meeting with Kerri's teacher. Kerri is really improving, and is getting extra help to catch up in her reading skills. She is great at math. And I finally had a chance to tell the teacher about her sensory issues, and you could see the light bulb going off...the teacher had several examples right away of what I was trying to explain to her. So she will be forwarding the referral for OT testing (which was supposed to happen at the old school), and will ensure that she pays extra attention now to the things we talked about. I felt bad I never had a chance to talk about it with her before, but with the abrupt change in schools, the speech therapy transition, the bullying on the bus...it just got pushed to the back burner for a bit.

I really like Kerri's teacher, and this school has been such a positive change! Except for when I muttered "Jesus" and Kerri told me she was not Jesus and he was tortured and dead. We still have a bit of work to do in that area, ahem.

Daddy is getting over the flu. It seems to be going around here, and so far Kerri and I have been spared. Kerri's asthma has been a bit worse with the changing weather, but nothing too scary.

So life with Kerri has been a bit busy lately.