Because I'm a Sloth

February is a very  s l o w  month here at Pie In The Sky.

Beside the fact that winter has returned (as I voiced my hopefulness for in the post for February 13) with a new blanket of snow, there is not much to report. I decided not to show pictures of the snow since that would detract from the lovely flowers in my previous post.

I am enjoying the slothful pace of a quiet month so please forgive me if I am not very creative here. If you are a new visitor there are many more thoughtful posts you could browse in the archive. May I recommend my Ode to Boys or to the Best Dog in the Whole Wide World? Or how about my hair raising adventure with French Bullet Trains? (After you read Part One, you'll need to know how the saga ended.) You could watch me hack at my boys' hair or read my rant about the dirth of good pie. A little summer reminiscence could include butchering chickens on the farm or planting the garden

But, if none of those sound diverting, how about this for a chuckle. Everyone needs a reason to laugh in February and this one makes me LOL everytime I watch it.

I just love creative people. Wish I could be one every day.

Notes on the video:

1. I love how she holds the glasses by their stem!
2. The earrings!
3. She knows bad wine when she tastes it.
4. It took me three viewings before I noticed her "enhanced" figure.
5. So pretty much, bar patrons who become drunk turn into babies.

Have a great day!