She did it!

About a week ago, Kerri decided she was a BIG GIRL now, and would go to bed by herself. It was a huge step after years of sleep issues. So we held our breaths and hoped it would last.

Well, she did it! With the exception of one night of awful night terrors and nightmares, which kept everyone up all night. But Kerri has put herself to bed every night. We have tucked her in and left the room. And she has gone to bed by herself. All alone. She really, truly did it!

So tomorrow, we are going to celebrate that she stuck to her end of the deal for an entire week. And I am celebrating her attachment milestone. I am not sure if Kerri realizes how significant this is for her. How incredibly wonderful it is for us to watch her gain confidence! And how great it has been to sleep through the night for almost an entire week - and to dream!

So for all of you who are struggling with sleep issues, hang in there. It took us 2003 days to overcome them. It took lots of baby steps, encouragement and patience. And lots of lost sleep. And it was worth every moment. I still sneak in Kerri's room at night to check in on her. I am still pinching myself. It can and it will happen to you too! Don't ever give up!

Life with Kerri is dreamy.