Pump it Up!!!

Who can resist a Pump it Up party??

Loud, bright colors, no windows, flourescent lights, and who knows how many germs?? What could be better? That what's we opted for this year.

Combined birthday parties for Tanner and Kate.

The benefits?
  • kids love it
  • no clean-up
  • no set-up
  • no making invitations
  • no entertaining
  • I didn't even light the candles or carry the cake
  • EVERYTHING was done for us
  • 1/2 off special from Pump it Up and combining 2 kids parties in 1, pretty sweet deal cost-wise
As we were walking out the door of Pump it Up, I glanced back at the cake smeared on the floor, topped off with chips and Rootbeer (times 32 kids plus adults) and was grateful to continue onto our car and drive home.


That being said, I'm pretty sure it'll be our last party like that.
  • too much chaos
  • too many presents
Growing up, we were allowed to have a party (with friends) every other year and we only invited a handful of friends. I didn't understand when I was little. I get it now.

I love the pictures of Kate squeezing her big brother. = )