Kerri's public service announcement.

Yesterday, I was driving Miss Kerri to her Kung Fu class in the evening. We were stopped at a light, and Kerri noticed that the man in the car next to us was smoking. His window was open and she could clearly see the smoke and the driver puffing away. So she decided to yell at him, at the top of her lungs. It went something like this:

"Mister you are going to die! Are you crazy? Stop smoking! It is going to kill you! You have to be crazy to want to die! Stop smoking! I can't believe it. He won't stop - he must want to die! That man is crazy!"

Thank goodness our windows were closed.

In case you were wondering, Kerri did not want to go to sleep by herself last night. But Mommy offered her a bribe. I told her that if she went to bed by herself for an entire week, she would get a prize. She asked for money instead. It worked! Kerri went to bed by herself and fell asleep in less than half an hour. We think she slept through the night. And if she awoke, she did not tell us. Hubby heard her tossing and turning a bit, which woke him up (out of habit). We are cautiously optimistic at this point. And well rested!

Life with Kerri is outspoken.