Kerri's first award.

Monday night, Kerri had night terrors and nightmares all night long.. No one got any sleep. So yesterday, Daddy had to call in sick at work. Kerri missed school. We caught up on homework, reading, and spent some quality time with Nana, who was visiting. We did not think Kerri would be missing much at school. We were wrong.

Today Kerri came home from school with an award, and a note from her teacher that reads:

"Yesterday at the recognition assembly Kerri won an award for 'Hope' because of the high expectations she puts on herself, the positive attitude she always has and her perseverance when working. We gave it to her in class today since she missed the assembly. Congratulations Kerri!"

Only 1 student per grade is selected monthly to win that month's award.

Wow. I am so proud of our little girl. She works so hard to overcome all of life's challenges, and she has had way too many of them in her short life. And yet, she still has a positive attitude, a sense of humor, perseverance, and hope. We could all learn a lot from Kerri.

Life with Kerri never ceases to amaze me.