Kate turns 4

Kate was frowning in almost all of her birthday pictures. The only reason I have the one above where she is smiling, is because her cousin was making her laugh. Why do you want to be sad Kate? We all love you so much. You have a happy life. Please be happy.

Kate informed me several times, that she didn't have to eat real food on her birthday and she was "only going to eat cake." I'm not quite sure where that came from. So here's what she wanted to eat. "Sheetos" and a 1/2 pink cake, 1/2 confetti cake, frosted with pink, and decorated by her with candy. (Oh, and 6 candles. She turned 4, but wanted to put on all the ones that came in the package.)

Although the cheetos and cake were tempting, I felt like something was missing. Maybe something fresh? Some protien? So I made the basic apple, cheese, nuts, greens and vinaigrette salad, but I threw in some cooked red quinoa. Why not? And tried and true grilled paninis....turkey, sharp white cheddar cheese, apple, and grainy mustard.

Happy Birthday Kate. We love you!!!