Fun at the bookstore.

Happy New Year! We started our year off with a trip to our favorite bookstore:

While Daddy perused the aisles for his history book, Kerri had fun making friends, playing in the teacup (it reminded us of a Disney ride!), and checking out the toys:

And instead of coming home with an armful of books - as she usually does - Kerri chose a Zhu Zhu hamster, a recorder, chalk, and a chalkboard eraser.

So now we have two chattering toy rodents annoying Pookie and the parental units, and one very happy little girl.

And yes, in case you wondered, she did dress herself. She likes pink. Mommy has learned to let Kerri have her own sense of style, and to grin and bear it.

Life with Kerri is always an experience worth having!