Dear Elle,

I have loved nursing you. I love how it's a bond between you and me and no one else. You cuddle up, quite down and eat. I love it the most when you close your eyes and fall asleep. So peaceful.

My plan has always been to nurse you until about 18 months when your Daddy and I take a trip together.

Just yesterday I called your Aunt Rebecca and told her that you are almost a year old and I CANNOT imagine NOT nursing you when you turn 1. You still seem so tiny and little to me. You're my baby.

Well last night something happened.

You bit me.


You've been biting me on and off for about 4 months. I haven't enjoyed it and I tried to get you to stop, but it never really worked. It would sting, but it wasn't horrible and I just pushed through it, thinking, "it's just a stage....she'll get over it".

Well, last night I was bleeding. You drew blood kiddo. It really hurt.

Then this morning when I nursed you, I was tense the whole time, scared to death you'd bite me again in the same place.

Please stop.

Please, please stop.

I really want to keep nursing you.