Conversations with Kerri.

Kerri: "I am related to vampires."

Mommy: "How do you know?"

Kerri: (counting off on her fingers) "Well, we both like blood. And we hate the sun, especially when it is really bright in the morning when you wake me up to go to school. And we both hate garlic. And we have light skin. And I have sharp pointy teeth like a vampire does. And vampires have black hair. And I really like bats."

Mommy: "So are you telling me you like to drink blood?"

Kerri: "No, I just like to look at it. I am not a vampire, I am just related to a vampire."

Mommy: "Oh."

Kerri: "Pookie is related to vampires too. He likes to scratch us with his nails to make us bleed so he can lick it."

Mommy: "Umm, I am not sure Pookie is a vampire."

Kerri: "Just in case you should keep the garlic around."

Daddy: "Pookie is not a vampire, he is a werewoof."

Life with Kerri is batty sometimes.