Baby steps.

It has been approximately 2003 days since Kerri was placed in our arms and we last got a good night's sleep. Not that I am counting. But after 2003 days and troubled nights, for the first time ever since July 11, 2005, Kerri went to bed by herself. And slept through the entire night without waking us up.

Last night, Daddy told Kerri to get ready for bed. And after her nightly ritual, and all medications were administered, she decided to play around on her bed while Daddy was ironing his work clothes for the next day. (Yeah, I am lucky that way, I dislike ironing).

It turns out that Kerri decided to try her back bend on her bed, and for the first time, flipped over all on her own. Something she has been struggling to learn in Kung Fu for months.

So she was jumping for joy on the bed, which got our attention pretty quickly, and then she flew down the stairs super excited to tell me the good news. And then she decided right then and there that she is growing up and she would go to bed by herself. I did not think she would. I kept checking on her from the hallway and asking if she was alright. After the second time, I told her I would be right next door in my room if she changed her mind. And about 5 minutes later, she was sound asleep. It usually takes her an hour.

I could not believe it. Daddy could not believe it. We looked at each other and thought, "what do we do now?" OK, so we knew what we could do , but you get my point. We were dumbfounded. For the first time in 2003 days, (but who's counting? And that is 5 years, 178 days by the way - not that I am counting mind you), we did not have to sit with Kerri for over an hour to wait for her to fall asleep. For the first time we were not woken up several times a night and then had to sit with her again for another half hour until she fell asleep. For the first time, we actually had some time to ourselves.

So all the baby steps we have been taking over the past - OK, I know you know already how long it's been! - have finally paid off. She is facing her insecurities and fears with courage and bravery. Our little girl is winning the attachment battle. This is huge folks. Maybe not for you, but after 2003 nights of poor sleep, we think so. It is gargantuan.

So you would think we went to bed early. Nope. We stayed up, just in case. And at about 1 AM, we finally convinced ourselves it was not to good to be true, and we went to bed. And slept the entire night. For the first time in....well, you can figure that out by now.

Life with Kerri no longer keeps me awake at night!