Arugula Salad

Rebecca brought me some of this salad the other day, and 2 days later I was craving it, so I had to make it myself.

I think she got the recipe years ago as a couscous salad, but changed it up, added her own things and came up with this:

Arugula Salad

quinoa, cooked
figs (dried), chopped
goat cheese
raw walnuts, chopped

mix with:

1 part orange vinegar
1 part olive oil

spoon over arugula

It's really good. My only warning is that it might not be guy food. Shad eats EVERYTHING I make. All the crazy grain concoctions and vegan meals I sometimes provide, he eats happily. He said this one is "alright". That's Shad's way of saying he didn't like it. He wasn't loving the goat cheese.

As for me, I loved every last morsel.