Why does that seem so much older than 30?

Last year wasn't a big deal. I was barely out of my 20s.

Now I'm in my 30s, which is fine. I guess.

Except that I'm noticing wrinkles.

I hear laughing. Through the computer. But stop laughing because it's true. I even had a sister admit that she had noticed it (on me) too.

It's in between my eyebrows. On my forehead. And my smile lines. There all getting a bit more noticeable.

Strangers used to tell me all the time what "beautiful skin" I had. No more. I haven't heard that in years.

All that being said, I'd never go back in time. I assume it's always like that. I look back at things I did and said a couple of years back and am pretty much embarrassed of myself. It's humbling to know that in a couple of years from now, I'll look back to this time, and once again be embarrassed. Is there anyway to avoid that??

Anyhow, I turned 31 last week and had a wonderful day.

  • shad let me sleep in, until he had to go to work (he had an 8am appointment, so the sleep lasted until 7:30, but I was still so grateful....cuz did I mention that the other day, Tanner woke up at 4:30am and did NOT go back to sleep. I woke up to hear him playing in his room. I said, "hey bud. It's still night time. You need to go back to bed. He started crying and said, "I can't. I tried. I'm not tired." He just kept playing all by himself until the rest of us woke up. So 7:30 is "sleeping in" at our house)
  • Kate went to preschool (day 2 of 2, and she's done now...she'd rather stay home with Elle and I....I'm down with that) and Tanner went to kindergarten and Elle took a nap so I had about an hour of uninterrupted time to myself. Happy Birthday to me.
  • I went to the chiropractor in the afternoon. I love the chiropractor. Not the actual chiropractor, Ron, but getting adjusted. If I could, I'd get adjusted morning and night. I also get a 50 minute massage included in my $20 co-pay. Yes. You read that right. And I try to take full advantage of it. If it works out with sitters, I go once a week. (it usually doesn't work out that way, but I try)
  • Rebecca made me dinner and cheesecake. Yum. She is the best cook I know. Honestly. It was like I was in a gourmet restaurant. She made apple sweet potato soup, a salad with greens, blackberries, cinnamon sugar toasted walnuts, roasted onion cheddar cheese (i'd never had it before. it's so freaking good. thank you trader joes. i am now addicted to treats and this cheese), apples and a homemade apple, maple vinaigrette. She made a chicken breast coated in pistachios, pepitas and rosemary. So good. And for desert....Chocolate Fudge Truffle Cheesecake. I've made it before. It pretty much takes a whole day to make. And it tastes like it took a whole day to make. It was so good. (oh yeah....the "eating plan" shad and I are on? we took my birthday dinner off. which turned into the whole day for me. which turned into a couple of days and then a week. happy birthday to me. again.)
  • a whole drive home from my sisters (1 hour away), talking to Shad, while the kids were dozed off in their car seats. Nice. That may have been my favorite part of the day.
I was spoiled. Thank you Rebecca. Thank you Shad.