Today I was wrapping the gifts that Tia sent. There was a pair of fur lined booties for me, so I just placed them under the tree without wrapping them. And about half an hour later, I realized Pookie was being unusually quiet.

I found him under the tree, grooming the fur on my booties. He licked them so much, they were soaking wet. I hung them up on the tree to dry, and Pookie spent the next hour gazing longingly up at them.

Kerri wrapped her own gifts too. She used an unusual amount of tape, bows, paper and other embellishments. Her wrapping was very creative.

We spent the day preparing for tomorrow. There were groceries to buy, gifts to wrap, things to clean up, and lots of eating. Because a certain little one is in a growth spurt again. I hope Santa brings her clothes instead of the puppy toy she has been drooling over the past five months. Somehow, I think Santa will be bringing the toy though. Kerri has been pretty good this year.

So as we rush around getting ready for a lovely evening of food and laughter, wine and presents with our favorite people, I wanted to take a moment to pause. And wish you all peace. And happiness, love and laughter. And good health and prosperity.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. And may the true spirit of the holiday bring joy to your hearts and homes.