Kung Fu holiday party!

Yesterday we attended a holiday party at Kerri's Kung Fu school. Everyone brought food and gifts, and we had loads of fun! Here is a picture of Kerri and her Sifu:

Kerri posing with her friends:
Not all the kids wanted their picture taken. So this is a picture of half of Kerri's classmates and her Simo:
Here the kids are awaiting their gifts. They each had to do a Kung Fu move in order to "earn" their gift:
Here is Kerri's move:
And her earned gift:

The Sifu taped the children doing their Kung Fu moves so that he could play it back to them at next year's holiday party. That way they can see how much they have improved over the year.

It was nice to see the adult students having fun too. They also had a gift exchange, and there was so much food. At one point, Kerri was being shy, and her Sifu told her that she was only with her family, so there was nothing to be shy about. And that just about sums up the feeling of this school. Everyone here is family.

We had a wonderful time at the holiday party, and Kerri was so wound up she had a hard time going to bed. She is looking forward to playing with her new Barbie.

Life with Kerri makes my heart flip!