Christmas week started off with my big sis coming to visit for a couple of days. It was so wonderful to have her down. We live closer than we've ever have, and talk less than we ever have. Between her homeschooling her girls, driving back and forth to see Steve, and me busy with my three kids, we just don't see each other much. So it was so fun to have her to myself for a couple of days Christmas week. Doesn't she look amAZING?!! The picture on the left is of her in May 2010. The one on the right, I took for her last week. I wish I could find 2 pictures that are more similar, but it's all I could find. She's lost over 40 lbs (is that right Bec?). She stopped eating sugar for months and months, while working out 2 hours a day. She's such an inspiration to be around. She and Steve are now engaged and soooo happy.

The kids were getting stir-crazy at all week, staring at presents, so I let them open a couple early. We are doing that every year from now on. I really felt like they were able to enjoy their presents more this way.

We tried to teach the kids more about "giving" and less about "getting" this year, which I think really hit home with Tanner and completely had no affect on Kate. We tried to include the kids in delivering gifts to people. At one house we gave a gift to someone and Kate stared right at them and asked where her present was. I'm hoping it's their ages? Tanner and Kate bought present for each other this year.....

Christmas morning was can it no be with little kids?

Tanner made Shad and I presents 3 weeks ago, wrapped them up and put them under the tree. I had sort of forgotten about them. He drew us really cool pictures. This is the one he drew for Shad. It's the manger scene. He did it all by himself. I love it.

Mike and Robin joined us this year with their kiddos....

The cousins....Tanner, Daniel, James and Kate.

Tanner being silly last week.

Can you believe he can run around in shorts, a t-shirt and bare feet the week of Christmas? And that there are flowers still blooming? The weather is crazy here.