Christmas morning.

The first one down the stairs was Pookie, stretching and yawning:

But he was soon followed by Kerri, who was excited to find the picture she had been carrying around for 5 months on top of a special box from Santa (who, by the way, had his own wrapping paper that said "Merry Christmas" in Spanish, English and French, which are the three languages spoken in our home.)

Then there was a lot of this happening:

followed by a lot of this:

Because every time Kerri got something she really loved, she pretended to faint. Which happened with every single gift by the way. And Pookie would revive her:

There was also a lot of these expressions:

And Kerri exclaimed this was "the best Christmas eber!"

Even Pookie got gifts:

And a huge thanks to Tia and Nana for spoiling our little girl this holiday.

And, of course, Pookie the Elf too.

Merry Christmas!

Life with Kerri, our family, and friends is the best gift eber!