Chanukah, day seven.

Yesterday we lit seven candles on the Menorah. Kerri went to Girl Guides, and made cookies in a jar. I was asked to help, and the girls had lots of fun measuring ingredients and putting them in their Mason jars. If you are the crafty type, it makes a very pretty gift for someone who likes to bake!

After dinner, Kerri opened her Chanukah present. She has been spoiled by her godfamily this year. She now has the Princess Snow White Barbie and Princess Jasmine Barbie dolls. She quickly pointed out all the princesses she is still missing. She does not know that Tia is sending the missing princesses for Christmas!

I hung the Christmas stockings, but the tree is still in the basement. Hubby is waiting for Chanukah to end before he brings up the next holiday's decorations. At least, that is his excuse for procrastinating this year.

This evening Kerri will be attending her Daddy's work holiday party, and she is looking forward to the bouncing and climbing and all the other fun activities. It is being held in one of those super humongous children's fantasy dreamland of pipes to crawl through and the like places. You know, the place where you lose your child in a second, hear kids screaming and yelling and laughing constantly, and leave with a tired kid and a major headache. That's why I am staying home!

Life with Kerri is busy this holiday season.