Chanukah, day eight.

Yesterday was the last day of Chanukah! It went by pretty fast this year. Kerri is wearing her new holiday turtleneck, a gift from Tammie, David and Erin. The shirt was made by our friend Minouche, of Yaya Kids Couture. Thank you! Kerri loved it, and wore it to Daddy's company holiday party.

I stayed home, since I still have strep throat. But Daddy called me several times to share the loud screams of joy, the shrieks of laughter and the incredibly high noise levels of kids playing in a fantasy land of climbing things and five story tube slides. Which, by the way, Kerri made her Daddy climb up. And go down. And he was reminded he is claustrophobic halfway down when he got stuck. But I digress.

They both came home happy, tired and Daddy had a headache (I predicted that would happen in yesterday's post!). They showed me the goodies they brought back, and then were too hyper to go to bed. So Kerri missed school today and slept in.

And now for a change of topic. I believe charity should be done anonymously, and one should never brag about it. But I just wanted to share what Kerri has been doing these 8 days of Chanukah. Every day she did a charitable deed. She has donated money to charities, donated toiletries for a holiday gift basket, donated canned goods for a food drive for the homeless, and even gave all her old shoes to a friend that she noticed was wearing shoes that were too small for her. She truly believes it is better to give than receive, and has never asked for more than she received this holiday. As a matter of fact, she is still going through her playroom and placing toys in a basket to give away.

And today, she told me that Christmas is not about Santa. It is about Jesus' birthday. She learned that in school.

I could not be prouder of Kerri. She truly lights up our lives, every day of the year. She is our miracle.

Life with Kerri inspires me to be a better person.