Weekend updates.

  • Kerri's first week of school was awesome. No more nightmares, no more hassles in the morning. She is happy, and busy, and learning new things. And most of all, she is surrounded with friends, and a great teacher. We are thrilled!
  • Kerri is doing great in Kung Fu class. She is now learning how to do the Lion/Dragon dance with her peers. I cannot wait until Chinese New Year! And yes, I will film it!
  • This weekend we prepared for winter. The Mama Mobile got her snow tires put on. And Kerri got a brand new pair of snow shoes and mittens. She still fits into last year's snow pants and winter jacket, so we did not have to spend a fortune.
  • Tia found a terrific sale at Target and bought Pookie pretty much a sweater and T-shirt for every month of the year. She even got him a holiday costume. Pookie is one happy pooch. I will post pictures as soon as the new clothes arrive! Thanks Tia for spoiling us all.
  • Kerri and Daddy are getting over their Flu/sinus infections. But they shared their germs with me, so now I am battling the ickies.
  • Today at the grocery store, they were handing out samples of the new M&M pretzel candies. Kerri was eating a blue one while we unloaded our cart at the register. And then we realized that she was blue. Her lips, teeth, tongue, chin, fingers, and anything she touched were blue. She made everyone laugh, while Daddy struggled to clean her up with a tissue.
  • Mr. Pumpkin Head was buried. He rotted. May he rest in peace. And hopefully reincarnate in time for next year's Halloween festivities!
  • Kerri's boyfriend is hanging around. Yesterday we had to tell him (nicely) to go away. Kerri was not too happy we did not let him join us for dinner.
  • Daddy and Kerri are making a chocolate cake. Kerri is busy licking a spoon, Daddy is busing tearing apart my pantry looking for frosting. I am ignoring them both.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Life with Kerri brings warmth on a chilly Autumn day.