Protecting Kerri.

When we travelled to China, we noticed that homes had certain things hanging in front of their entrance doorway: scissors, a mirror, banners with guardian's names on them, etc. I do not know all the proper Chinese terms for these items. But I do know they are meant to protect the home from bad spirits and the like.

A couple months ago, I was talking to Kerri's Kung Fu Sifu (Master) about my memories of these items, and other things that I did bring back from China for Kerri. He seemed surprised that I knew so much about them and was interested in the Chinese beliefs. I never gave that conversation a second thought, until yesterday.

Yesterday, Kerri and I went to her Kung Fu class. And her Sifu told me they had just come back from Chinatown in Montreal, and had brought me back the mirror for the front doorway - the one that wards off bad spirits. I was so touched by their thoughtfulness! They handed me the beautifully inscribed mirror (with two hands, as is the Chinese custom), and explained how to position it correctly above our door. And I am ever so grateful for their kindness.

Tia and fate brought us to the Shaolin Kung Fu school and Master Ly, but the added bonus was that we made new friends in the process.

Here is a picture (the mirror is covered in protective paper and the item is in a plastic bag):

It also has Chinese writing on the back in red ink. I can't wait to hang this up this weekend!

Life with Kerri is surrounded by kind people who want to protect her. We are truly blessed.