Easy as Pie

Just in time for a Thanksgiving Pie-a-palooza, my niece Elizabeth is here to demonstrate how easy it is to roll pie crust. With the parchment paper method it is so easy, even a child can do it.

You simply roll your favorite pie dough recipe between two sheets of parchment paper.

After a few rolls, loosen the paper on both sides so that the dough will continue to expand in size.

When the dough is rolled to the needed size and thickness, loosen the paper again and remove one sheet. Then use the other sheet of paper to lift the dough and transfer it into a pie dish.

Crimp the edges of the pie crust in your favorite manner. Refrigerate the dough-lined pie dish while you prepare the filling.

Lizzy made an old-fashioned pumpkin pie.

It took more muscle to stir the filling then it did to roll the pie crust.

Put the filling into the chilled pie crust and bake!

It was her first ever pie and it tasted mahvelous!
For a more detailed tutorial on making pie crust, check out Pie Crust 101.

Thanksgiving is only two days away!
Are you making pie? What kind?