Calling in sick.

Our household has been battling germs now for a few weeks. The cleaning people disinfected the entire house. And despite our best efforts, we are losing the battle.

Kerri has missed two days of school. She has a respiratory infection, her lungs are not clear, and her asthma is in high gear. The cold weather is not helping. She is taking antibiotics. During the day, she is her usual cheerful, happy self. But at night, she is up coughing and hacking, and poor Daddy and Pookie have been keeping a vigil at her bedside for the last few nights.

As for me, after taking care of everyone else, I seem to have developed strep throat. And pink eye. And a sinus infection. So I am on antibiotics too. Hubby tried to help, he sprayed Chloraseptic analgesic spray down my throat to help ease the pain. Unfortunately, he made me laugh at the same time, so I ended up snorting the medicine up my nose. My throat still hurt but my nose was numb for hours!

Poor hubby is looking forward to the weekend so he can catch up on some sleep, hopefully.

Life with Kerri is more fun when we are all healthy!