summer photo shoots

I did a few random shoots over the hot, hot, hot summer. This cute couple and I met at 5am, to try and beat the heat. Yeah. We tried. But I'm pretty sure it was still over 100 degrees that morning. They just got married last month and I got to do their engagement shoot. It was hard to not get a good shot of them.

This family....I'm in love with. I worked with the Mama in Primary at church and just wanted to soak up all of her wisdom and knowledge of Motherhood. She's one of those people who serve and serve and serve, with the happiest attitude and who sincerely enjoys it. Her girls love her, everyone at church loves her, her neighbors love her. I miss her (they moved 2 months ago). And then her girls...they have been our "baby-sisters" (that's what the kids called them) for the past couple of years. They'd play school, and mom/dad, polly's, princess, etc., and Tanner and Kate LOVED having them babysit. I miss them too.

This little guy is Joe...aka "Joe Joe". I visit teach his Mama, who I've loved getting to know. She's a very busy doctor, so we rarely get to see each other, but when we do, I enjoy her so much. Aren't his blue eyes incredible?