Saturday Night Supper

Our third born, Neal, is a focused, hardworking guy.

Of all the hunters in the family, he is the most dedicated. Though he didn't have any luck during bear season earlier this year, he was successful in getting a nice ten point buck on his second morning out during deer rifle season.

We were all thrilled for him and excited that we would have some wild venison on the table once again.

This venison is authentic organic meat; raised in the mountains, lean, nutritious and delicious.

Neal was home for the weekend and brought some ground meat for me to cook up for supper. I chose to make some nice meatballs....

...with a rich carmelized onion and mushroom gravy. Hearty hunter's food. Alla cacciatore.

For something more girly I made a tomato tart to accompany the venison. Over the base of pie crust I generously smeared some roasted garlic and then sprinkled some pecorino cheese. Slices of fresh garden tomatoes covered the tart crust...

..which were drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and more cheese. Baked at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes the flavors of the ripe tomatoes and roasted garlic were simply delicious. This tart would also be great made with parmesan or fontina cheese.
Our big boys usually come home on the weekends in singles or groups. I like to cook something special when I know they are coming. They've learned to give me warning when they are staying for dinner.

What made this Saturday night meal very extra special is that our son brought a girl home to have dinner with the family!

She was adorable!