Mr. Pumpkin Head.

Nana Jessica came over to carve a pumpkin for Halloween.

And Kerri decided to help.

It was quite the sensory experience!

And at times a bit gooey.

By the way, Kerri dressed herself in matching stripes. She likes stripes, as you can tell.

And we named him Mr. Pumpkin Head.

Of course, Nana did most of the work. We just posed for the pictures!

The stripes are a bit distracting though.

And it was certainly very messy.

And this was what the pumpkin looked like when Nana was finished carving it:

But this is what it looks like now after a day out on the porch:

It looks like Mr. Pumpkin Head took out his dentures!

Mr. Pumpkin Head should have taken better care of his teeth, because now he is rotting.

Thank you Nana for all the pumpkin fun!

Life with Kerri is stripey.