Happy birthday Ryan!

Yesterday we drove to Quebec to attend cousin Ryan's birthday party. Kerri met Spiderman, and she was not impressed. She told him she preferred Batman.

Spiderman told her that Batman was cool, and his best friend. And that sometimes they hang out together. That convinced Kerri to somewhat warm up to Spiderman.

So she reluctantly posed for pictures with Ryan, but asked Spiderman to hold her teddy bear, named "Teddy". Spiderman thought the name was original.

Kerri thought Batman was way cooler.

We had a wonderful time at Ryan's birthday party, and it was fun to see our family again. We don't get together often enough - but that is because we live several hours away.

When we arrived home, it started snowing. Snow! And lots of it. The last time we had snow for Halloween was in 2007.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Life with Kerri is bat-tastic!