The hospital visit.

Today Kerri missed school because she had an appointment with an expert in pediatric dermatology at the Children's Hospital. The expert confirmed her diagnosis of Plaque Psoriasis, and advised Kerri was in remission. The white spots left behind are not scars, but hyper-pigmentation. And in time, they may disappear and her skin tone may come back. But, she will have this auto-immune disease her entire life, and she will probably break out again.

The expert also agreed with me that the steroid/cortisone medications were not the answer. He confirmed my suspicions that the light of the sun was what healed her, and that she is an excellent candidate for photo therapy - but not while she is in remission. He gave us a new prescription medication to try, and advised there was another alternative (something with "tar" in it) but that he did not recommend it for Kerri since it would stain. We have a follow up appointment at the hospital in mid January, to see how she handles the winter weather - we both agree the lack of sun exposure and the temperatures are what trigger the outbreaks. And at that time, we will re-visit the photo therapy option. Like any treatment, there is a risk of sun cancer, since the exposure is done without sunblock protection. It is the harmful rays that actually heal her. She is at less risk because of her skin coloring, but the risk is there regardless.

When we were leaving, Kerri met the hospital clown, who makes her rounds visiting children at the hospital. The waiting room was full, but it was Kerri who captivated the clown's attention, and then the entire waiting room.

We all watched as they performed magic, clowned around, and spent a good fifteen minutes getting to know each other.

And the room was filled with laughter and smiles.

When we said our goodbyes, Kerri commented that she was lucky to have Psoriasis. I asked her why, and she said: "Because I have Psoriasis, I got to meet a real live clown and do a real magic trick!" I assure you, there was not a dry eye in the room, and the smiles were magical.

After our eventful morning, we had a lunch date, then had a meeting with Kerri's teacher at her school. The teacher and I were upset that no one had told her about the bully boy, who not only is now in her class full time, but sitting right across from Kerri, face to face. No wonder Kerri came home upset the other day and said she was scared. Kerri's teacher was moving bully boy to the other side of the room first thing in the morning, and strongly encouraged me to call the principal and the superintendent regarding this issue.

Then we were off to get a haircut, and then Kung Fu, followed by a great BBQ dinner prepared by Daddy. We had a full day!

Life with Kerri keeps us smiling.