Sick day.

Kerri is pretty sick, but I sent her to school anyway - because yesterday we received a phone call from her new speech therapist advising she was going to meet with Kerri today. And Kerri came home and told me she did not meet with any speech therapists. Ugh. I have written a note to Kerri's teacher in Kerri's communication book.

I also called Kerri's Sifu to let him know Kerri was sick, and to ask if she should come to class anyway (if only to observe at the least). He recommended she miss class today, and get well so she could make Friday's class. Kerri was not too happy when I told her she was not going to Kung Fu today. As a matter of fact, she is currently stomping around the house saying "it's the worsest day eber!"

I am sick too, and this morning I dropped my Dad off at the airport for his return trip home to Florida. We miss him already. I think I will go join Kerri and stomp around the house too.

Life with Kerri requires sharing a tissue box sometimes.