Happy 6th birthday Kerri!

Today is Kerri's 6th birthday. Here she is dressed in her new birthday outfit that Tia Veronica sent her. We brought cupcakes to school, and her teacher gave her a birthday crown to wear. And Kerri proudly told her: "Yesterday I was 5, and today I am 6!"

But we started celebrating last night, after dinner. Nana surprised her with a visit (since she had to work today). So out came the cake and candles.

Kerri and her six candles on her cake!

And after we cut the cake, this happened:

The sugar was a bit too much, and lots of silliness and laughter followed. And Kerri pointed out that she does not need our permission to grow.

Nana Jessica

Grandpa Oscar (Zeide)

Daddy - who is also not immune to the effects of birthday cake sugar.

And then it got messy.

Nana tried to stop Kerri, but to no avail.

And Kerri was bouncing in her chair for a good hour.

Here is Kerri opening a card from her Aunt Lillian, and her cousins Chelsea and Justin

She loves getting presents.

And she loved the card.

But what was inside the card just thrilled her. She kissed it. Seriously.

And then Nana surprised her with a hand painted music jewelry box full of treasures.

With a very special handwritten note on the bottom.

And Kerri almost cried with joy. She has been asking for a music box for months. And this one was extra special, because Nana made it just for her.

Yes, the tissues almost came out, but the sugar helped counter the effects of mushiness.

And the treasures were a hit too.

Kerri put them all on at the same time.

And this is how our little 5 year old turned 6 last night. Even though her birthday is today.

Tonight we have Kung Fu, and then Kerri is going to the mega toy store to pick out whatever she wants for her birthday gift this year. We will have a great big birthday party this weekend in Montreal with our family.

I can't believe my little princess is already 6.

Life with Kerri is reason to celebrate, every day.