For Katie.

From left to right: Kerri, her godsister Erin, and her dear friend Katie Starr.

It could happen to any of our kids. A terrible illness can strike anyone. But when it strikes someone so young, and someone you know and love, it seems even more devastating.

Please click here to read about our friend Katie Starr. She was recently diagnosed with a disease that has no treatment and no cure, and may cause her to lose her precious vision.

Kerri is now asking all her friends to help find a cure. You can make a difference. Please join Katie's family and friends. Take a moment to visit, (Katie's fundraising site) to learn more about how you can help. Every penny counts.

Kerri's birthday is in less than two weeks. So is mine. Instead of cards and/or gifts, won't you please make a donation for Katie? It would be the best birthday present Kerri and I could ever hope for.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the fight against blindness. And for every penny you can spare.

Life with Kerri is enriched by people like you.